How to Use Blackboard Collaborate

This video will walk you through, step by step, in how to use Bb Collaborate. The video reviews how to enable your microphone and camera, how to share files, websites and the whiteboard, manage breakout groups and take polls. It also covers how to plan and record sessions.

The recommended browsers for Bb Collaborate is Firefox (for captioning) and Chrome (for sharing content). Avoid Safari and Internet Explorer as Bb Collaborate will not work as well with those (or other) browsers. I recommend visiting the Blackboard Collaborate Help page for a deeper dive and additional resources.

If you don’t see Bb Collaborate on the left side menu in your Blackboard course, you will find it by clicking “Tools.” This short video will walk you through how to find Bb Collaborate if you don’t see it.

Watch on YouTube

The next video provides a more comprehensive walkthrough of basic BB Collaborate functionality.

Watch on YouTube

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