Revising an Online Course

This video is a bit longer than usual and combines a lecture and a “how to.” The aim of this video is to think through how we might approach revising an online course. The video also provides an example of revising a course module. The demonstration section of the video is not meant as aContinue reading “Revising an Online Course”

Cooperative Learning: An Introduction

This short video provides an introduction to cooperative learning. It’s important to note that cooperative learning is not equivalent to working in groups. While working in groups can be valuable, cooperative learning is a well-defined and evidence-based instructional methodology rather than a discussion technique. Access on YouTube Further Reading The Cooperative Learning Institute Cooperative Learning:Continue reading “Cooperative Learning: An Introduction”

Thinking about Asynchronous Learning Components

How can we visualize asynchronous course components without ever having learned or taught in this modality? It may be helpful to identify metaphors that can help us visualize what these asynchronous learning components might be. You can read about the ideas in this video in this short article. Access a captioned version of this videoContinue reading “Thinking about Asynchronous Learning Components”

Groups in Live Sessions: Fishbowl

Fishbowl is a discussion strategy that focuses on both student-centeredness and listening skills. In a face-to-face classroom, you would arrange the students into a small group in the center of an outer ring. Students in the center would have a discussion and the students in the outer ring would observe. Students would rotate in andContinue reading “Groups in Live Sessions: Fishbowl”