Tips for Teaching Online in a Pinch

Manage Expectations This is new territory for faculty and students – approach it with an experimental and planful mindset, and you’ve got this! Review your syllabus and identify items (activities, projects, presentations) that may need to be modified for online delivery. Accept that you cannot become an expert overnight and that no one expects youContinue reading “Tips for Teaching Online in a Pinch”

What is Voicethread?

Voicethread is a collaboration and communication tool. The video below provides an introduction that explains what Voicethread is and how to access it. You and your students already have accounts which they can access through Blackboard. It’s important to access Voicethread through Blackboard to activate your existing account. If you create an account by goingContinue reading “What is Voicethread?”

Indirect Instruction

I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. – Socrates Indirect instruction refers to a set of learner-centered methods to encourage student involvement in observing, investigating, drawing inferences from data, or forming hypotheses. A goal is to maximize students’ learning goals and encourage  problem-solving and collaboration. Leaner-centered approaches emphasize each student’s interests,Continue reading “Indirect Instruction”

Direct Instruction

Direct instruction is the use of explicit teaching techniques like lecture, demonstration or presentation, usually employed to teach a specific skill or set of information. Direct instruction is a teacher-centered and passive learning model, in which the students receive instruction rather than actively participating in the construction of the learning environment. Teacher-centered approaches are theContinue reading “Direct Instruction”