The Performance Dashboard on Blackboard

The Performance Dashboard on Blackboard is an excellent way to help you keep track of student log in activity. You can see the last log in date and how many days since the last log in for everyone in your class. The Performance Dashboard also links to individual student grades on tests and assignments. ItContinue reading “The Performance Dashboard on Blackboard”

A Brief Note on Browsers and Bb Collaborate

A web browser is the tool we use to access the Internet. When you want to access a website, the browser retrieves the content and displays the web page on whatever device you happen to be using (a desktop, laptop or mobile device). Some example web browsers are FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. AllContinue reading “A Brief Note on Browsers and Bb Collaborate”

How to Use Blackboard Collaborate

This video will walk you through, step by step, in how to use Bb Collaborate. The video reviews how to enable your microphone and camera, how to share files, websites and the whiteboard, manage breakout groups and take polls. It also covers how to plan and record sessions. The recommended browsers for Bb Collaborate isContinue reading “How to Use Blackboard Collaborate”

Managing Online Discussions

A principal reason many instructors chose synchronous online environments is the real time interaction this mode affords. Synchronous environments most closely replicate the dynamism of a face-to-face discussion. However, synchronous environments can present technical challenges for both instructors and students. As a result, many instructors choose asynchronous environments, prompting the question: how can dynamic andContinue reading “Managing Online Discussions”

How to Assess Students Online

In a traditional face –to-face environment, students are assessed with what are called traditional assessments. These include tests and research papers. Alternative assessments, like portfolios or performances, are less common but can often be deployed in subjects like Art, Music or in spaces like Science Labs. Group projects and presentations can also be considered alternativesContinue reading “How to Assess Students Online”

Creating Videos for Teaching

This video provides some guidelines to consider when planning to create instructional videos for your students. A good first step is to curate existing videos (or other content) that may help your students meet the learning objectives rather than beginning with making content yourself, which can be time-consuming and technologically demanding. Also, bear in mindContinue reading “Creating Videos for Teaching”